Sery C. (* 1959 in Linz, Austria) is an artist living and working in Germany. In his versatile work, the artist deals with the space and the position, or presentation of his artworks in it. In doing so, Sery C. makes use of various materials and ways of expression. An important group of works are the "Raumschnitte (Room Cuts)", a series of large, monochrome painted wooden panels that cut through rooms and cover walls. The work group "Ermalte Architekturfragmente (Painted Architectural Fragments)" develops out of those works. Here the artist uses a material that allows him to work directly on the architectural surface. The so-called industrial rubber is applied to a specially prepared underground and thus represents the first version of the artwork. Due to the material used, it is possible to detach it from the underground and to re-exhibit the paint skins in a new context. 

In addition to the listed groups of works, the artist Sery C. manifests other artworks that have a clear spatial reference. However, due to the complexity of the individual group of works, the present interview refers mainly to the group of works "Painted Architectural Fragments"


1959 Born in Linz, Austria""
1978 Graduation as engineer for structural engineering at the Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt in Krems an der Donau""
1978-1984 Studies at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, painting masterclass""
1984-2004 Freelance artist in Düsseldorf""
since 2003 Professorship at the Dresden University of Fine Arts""
2005-2012 Rector at the Dresden University of Fine Arts""
  Source: [1]

drawing installation monochrome painting object painting photography
adhesive tape alkyd resin alkyd resin paint canvas cardboard box clothing coat computer foil formwork panel furniture gypsum industrial rubber Ölfarbe office table oil paint pigment, indefinite Pigment, inorganic PS foam PU (polyurethane) rubber scrap sealing lacquer silicone synthetic resin paint toilet bowl trousers varnish, indefinite wax wood, indefinite

[1] Porstmann, G., Schmidt, J.(Hg): Sery C. Investigation. Ausst.-Kat. Dresden, Städtische Galerie Dresden, 9. Juni – 16. September 2018. Bielefeld 2018.