Mariana Vassileva (born 1964 in Tarnowo, Bulgaria) is a german-bulgarian artist. She studied at the Berlin University of the Arts in the years of 1994 to 2000 and held residencies at Mexico, Sydney, Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, Sao Paolo, Auckland and Hong Kong. Her works were featured in multiple international solo and collaborative exhibitions and are presented in public and private collections all over the world. Her oeuvre is extremely diverse and includes sculptures, installations and graphics as well as video works and one feature film.

Mariana Vassileva lives and works in Berlin.

1964 born in Antonovo, Bulgaria
1994-2000 studies fine arts at the Berlin University of the Arts
2008 artist-in-residence in Mexiko
2009 artist-in-residence in Sao Paolo
2010 artist-in-residence in Sydney
2011 artist-in-residence in Auckland
2012 artist-in-residence in NZ, Hong Kong
2015 artist-in-residence in the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) in St. Petersburg/Kronstadt
2017 8 months artist-in-residence in Istanbul
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burn drawing film & video installation laquering light art object sketch spray painting welding
acrylic paint barbed wire bronze cable cardboard, indefinite chair copper fabric fluorescent tube foam material glass ice LED light bulb lightbulb metal mirror motor nail plant silicone spotlight table varnish, indefinite wall paint wire wood, indefinite


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