André Butzer (* 1973 in Stuttgart, lives in Altadena, California), german artist. In 1996 he founded together with others the "Akademie Isotrop, Hamburg", where he was part of the organisation board and editor of the magazine "Isotrop". He is well known for his self named "Science-fiction expressionism".

1973 Born in Stuttgart
1996 Der Umbau, Künstlerhaus, Stuttgart
1996-2000 Akademie Isotrop, Hamburg
2001 Foundation of the 'Institut für SDI-Traumforschung' mit Björn Dahlem, Berlin
  Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg
  Member of the 'Akademie Isotrop'
  Lives and works in Altadena, California

acrylic painting drawing linoleum block printing oil painting painting print spray painting text-based & speech-based art underdrawing
acrylic paint calico canvas canvas, primed coloured pencil dispersion paint drawing charcoal gouache (paint) linseed oil oil paint paper, indefinite pencil poppyseed oil postal card primer white spray paint turpentine oil wood, indefinite